4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes For You To Enjoy

Raw Food Tart Recipes to enjoy

These 4 Raw Food Tart Recipes have really heavenly combinations. Something easy and fast to prepare with a Vitamix, and Food processor. These Tarts are healthy all entirely made of natural and whole food ingredients. One of the recipes is made of anti-inflammatory foods, like walnuts, black raisins, and turmeric and  is really like a sweet medicine.

As a surprise, you will find Superfood Chocolate Squares in addition to the tart recipes, These Chocolate squares really powerful, high in protein and fiber, something which can keep you satisfied for long hours. Something really healthy for kids, they will love them.

Get your Vitamix ready and enjoy.

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Tart

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

Chocolate, raspberries and ginger are such a heavenly combination. – you can’t go wrong!

Instructions>Raw Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Raw Vegan Lemon Tarts

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

You can never go wrong with lemon desserts. There’s something about the acidity of lemon mixed with just the right amount of sweetness that creates an unbeatable dessert. Make it from entirely whole, natural foods and you have something incredible. These raw vegan lemon tarts are a no-nonsense dessert that can be whipped up with just a food processor and mini (or regular) muffin tin. They’re also made with only real foods, and can be completely raw if you use raw nuts and agave.

Instructions>Raw Vegan Lemon Tarts


Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding Tarts

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

These tarts are really easy to make! In fact, you can have this recipe prepared in less than 15 minutes using a Vitamix to make the filling and a food processor to make the crust.After the crust has had time to harden, you can put them back in the refrigerator or freezer to chill or enjoy them immediately.  Enjoy!

Instructions> Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding Tarts

Painless Mango Turmeric Tarts

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

This raw tart is made from a combo of powerfully anti-inflammatory foods – walnuts, black raisins, and turmeric. Food is thy medicine – and with this recipe the food happens to be your dessert! Winning

Instructions>Painless Mango Turmeric Tarts

 Superfood Chocolate Squares

4 Heavenly Raw Food Tart Recipes

These squares are a superfood packed wonder, filled with lots of fiber, protein and healthy fats.  They are sugar free and don’t use any processed ingredients. Better than that though, because they’re so healthy, you can use these for whatever you may need to – a quick, healthy snack, dessert, to share with friends, breakfast on the go, or I even cut some of them into small cubes and they made great pre-run fuel for my long run.   And they’re raw, so they’re also incredibly easy to make! Enjoy!

Instructions>Superfood Chocolate Squares

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