How To Start With Raw Food For Kids

Tips and Recipes prepare raw food for kids

Raw food for kids is something to consider as early as possible. Eating raw is  maybe not for everybody ,but to introduce raw food to kids is very good. If somebody lives in a place where it is warm and there are many fresh fruits and vegetables it may be easier than in cold zones.

Fruits are usually not cooked and making a puree or salad with them is easy and Kids like it . This way kids get a lot of vitamins and nutrition and get used to eating raw. Growing up with raw food will be beneficial if done right and easier than the change for an adult.

How To Start With Raw Food For Kids

How To Start With Raw Food For Kids

My name is Eva and I’m a raw foodist of two kids aged 2 and 4 years and we live in Australia. Me and my husband Michael currently live job & debt free lifestyle, traveling the world and sharing our lifestyle with others on our blog We have been on our raw food journey since 2012 and I love making and sharing raw food recipes here on this web as well as helping families introducing and increasing raw foods into their daily diet. I studies Nutrition and Public Health Medicine which I practiced for over 7 years.

I would like to share the most common questions and answers I receive with regards to raw food parenting as well as give you some tips and kids’ friendly recipes you can try.

1. Is raw food

How To Start With Raw Food For Kids

Is raw food for kids suitable? Do we need to be 100% raw vegans to feel the benefits?

I asked the same question myself as we all want the best for our kids. I’m not the promoter of 100% raw food lifestyle for small children as according to my personal experience as well as research 100% raw food ‘diet’ might not be suitable for everyone, especially if you live in colder climates and don’t have access to ripe tropical fruits and experience limited sunlight.However, I’m a big advocate of incorporating as much raw foods as possible into kids’ daily diet due to its health benefits.

So my answer to this question is: Yes, raw food lifestyle is suitable for even small kids and you don’t need to be 100% raw vegan to experience the health benefits. However, if you decide for your small children to be 100% raw vegans, you should educate yourself first and consider some supplements in case your kid shows sign of deficiency! I need to stress here that you can become deficient on any type of diet.

2. Can I start raw foods with a baby?


Firstly, I need to mention the huge benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best source of all nutrients and the best food for the little ones. I am a big advocate of pro-longed breastfeeding (over 2 years of age). You can start introducing raw foods from about 6 months of age or later (you’re baby would let you know when ready for weaning). We started by introducing green juices and green smoothies (not too sweet) and offering a few teaspoons first. If your baby is taking a bottle you can offer him a green drink and experiment what your baby likes. Breast milk should still be the main source of food. If you cannot breastfeed for whatever reason and are not comfortable to introduce a typical baby formula (cow’s, oat’s, rice or soya milk) then you can make a substitute using raw coconut milk mixed with filtered or distilled water, dates to sweeten it a bit or another natural sweetener of your choice and vanilla bean or extract. You can also add calcium supplement if you are concerned about calcium intake. Be careful about iron as supplementing iron incorrectly might be toxic! If you suspect any type of deficiency, please consult with your doctor first.

3. Shall I supplement my child?

This is very difficult to say in general as we are all different, living different lifestyles and consuming different foods in different amounts. There is not yes or no from my perspective (although I personally prefer not supplementing). This is very individual and I will mention supplementing in more details as we move on to ‘nutrients to watch’. I personally haven’t seen a 100% raw vegan child in my life that hasn’t been on supplements for a while. Especially nowadays when the food we eat is not as nutritionally rich as it used to be in the past.

4. What nutrients shall I watch on raw food lifestyle?


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