A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy


 Sweet and spicy recipes delicious and healthy

Sweet and spicy recipes today are a Raspberry Cheesecake created by Veronica from Wrapped in Newspaper, and 4 Raw and Spicy Recipes

From  Dr.Cousens Tree of Life Center.

Veronica and Amy are two sisters from the UK who are ambitious about healthy food and even did win an award. We love to share their recipes.

The Spicy Recipes are holistic healthy and raw the Pasta Primavera,a Spanish Pate’, Chili sin carne, and Jaime’s Chinese crepes from the book “Raw Food Café Vol.2” by  Sayuri Tanaka. are delicious and special.

All sweet and spicy recipes are worth to try made of raw, plant-based, natural ingredients a truly holistic,  conscious eating experience.

The 4 spicy recipes from the Tree of Life Center which also offers education and wellness retreats and also spiritual fasting retreats.

“The main difference between our fasting options is that the Spiritual Fasting Retreat is a group fast led by Dr. Cousens and his wife, Shanti”

“Tree of Life AZ is the fasting destination of choice.” New York Times

Enjoy the sweet and spicy recipes!


A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy

Raspberry Cheesecake [vegan and gluten free]

A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy
What’s going on with this heat? Last week we were moaning that it felt like winter, now we’re in the midst of a bloomin’ heatwave! I’m definitely NOT complaining. I love the heat. I love having all the doors and windows open. Love the amazing sunsets. And love actually wearing my summery clothes. When the weather reaches these dizzy heights I cling onto my childhood memories, when I’m sure summer holidays were definitely sunnier than they appear to be these days. Perhaps I have a rose tinted view of those idealistic days, when the only care was what time the ice cream van was rocking up, or which tree we’d be climbing. But, summer memories definitely involve summer berries that’s for sure. And what better way to enjoy the raspberries you’ll be a picking than in this super tasty Raspberry Cheesecake.

 Recipe here

Pasta Primavera 

A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy

Noodles 10-12 Medium-Sized Zucchini Cut zucchini into pasta strands using a spiralizer. Sauce 1 Cup Pitted Olives 6 Stalks of Celery 1 Cup Sun Dried Tomato ½ Cup Sunflower Seeds 1 Bunch Fresh Parsley 2 Cup Fresh Basil, chopped 2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice ¼ Cup Olive Oil 1 teaspoon Himalayan Salt or Transformational Salt ⅛ teaspoon Chili Pepper Flakes Combine all sauce ingredients in a food processor and pulse to obtain a chunky consistency. Chopped Vegetables 2 Cups Tomato, diced small 1 Cup Red Bell Pepper, diced small 2 Cups Cucumbers, peeled, seeded, chopped Toss together with Noodles and Sauce. […]

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 Spanish Paté

A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy

 2 Cups Almonds         1 Cup Sunflower Seeds      1 Medium Size Zucchini, peeled    1 Red Bell Pepper (carrot or sweet potato can substitute, phase 1.5) 8-10 cups Loose Spinach ½ Cup Fresh Dill, chopped 4 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice

Recipe here

Chili Sin Carne

A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and HealthyThis raw, vegan chili recipe, besides being healthy, is pure deliciousness!

Walnut Carne 

Recipe Here

Jaime’s Chinese Crêpe with Walnut & Mushroom Meat

A Sweet and 4 Spicy Recipes Delicious and Healthy

*Inspired by the “Raw Food Café Vol.2” book of my friend Sayuri Tanaka.

Recipe here

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