Yummy Raw Vegan Desserts The Best Loved In Spring 2017

 The Best Raw Vegan Desserts of Spring 2017

People loved these raw vegan desserts made of fresh fruity ingredients. After the wintertime colorful and fresh fruits, best bought from a local farmers market is a delight. The first Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries look delicious and invite to eat or prepare some treats for guests and family. Strawberries the red berries with the freckles are a permanent candidate for the top three favorite fruits in the spring. Anyone who has crossed a strawberry field and breathed the sweet scent knows why.Strawberries are healthy. They are the first mature fruits of spring. And they taste.

Look at this colorful and beautifully decorated raw vegan desserts.With a good food processor, all is fast and easy to accomplish. Get busy to prepare and try your favorites.  Who can withstand the urge to have a bite of this delightful raw vegan recipes? Friends and family will adore you. Enjoy and have fun!

Raw Vegan Desserts The Best Loved In Spring 2017

Raw Ice Cream Goddess Cake

Raw Vegan Desserts 

This cake is almost too good to be eaten by us mear mortals … but since it’s here, you may as well. This Raw Ice Cream Goddess Cake is made up of layer upon creamy layer of chocolate, blueberry and blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla ice cream. This is a definite treat yo’self type of dessert.

Unicorn Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Desserts 

We understand: you’re a unicorn. And as a unicorn, you only deserve sweets that speak to your true inner being. That’s where this fabulous raw vegan Unicorn Cheesecake steps in. As much as this gorgeous ombre of three berry layers and rich vegan buttercream looks like a work of art, it’s actually easy and very fun to make and tastes delicious! When it comes to decorating your unicorn, go wild — top it with plenty of edible flowers, vegan candy, and sprinkle.

 Melt-in-Your-Mouth Raw Thin Mints

Raw Vegan Desserts 

Your dreams just became reality. These Melt-in-Your-Mouth Raw Thin Mints are healthy, quick, and coated in a dark chocolate shell. Plus, you can whip up a batch whenever you get a craving.

Pineapple Ice Lollies

Raw Vegan Desserts 

The sun is finally shining and it’s time for refreshing food! These Pineapple Ice Lollies are the perfect way to cool down as the weather gets warmer. Made without refined sugar, they are fresh, fruity, and delicious. Best of all, they take only a few minutes to make. What could be better than some fresh, homemade ice lollies?!

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