The Best Raw Flax Seeds Crackers Recipes A Healthy Snack

Raw Flax Seeds Crackers are a healthy snack

Raw flax seeds crackers are very beneficial and a good addition to your diet. Flax seeds are rich in fibers and fatty acids. A valuable food and good for gut health. Flax seeds contain also a lot of minerals vitamins and protein. Everybody likes raw flax seeds crackers as a snack and eat it with salad,hummus or plain . Raw flax seeds crackers are easy to prepare and they can be kept in a jar for a while . A healthy  snack for  a hiking tour or also convenient to take with you to work. For the  kids as an addition to the  lunch box. It is really worth to make  raw flax seeds crackers enough to keep them and have them always ready for a healthy,nutritious, and powerful snack. See the recipes below and try best all of them , see which one of the raw flax seeds crackers your family likes most.

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The Best Raw Flax Seeds Crackers Recipes A Healthy Snack

Everybody loves crackers, right? Besides being tasteful, seed crackers are extremely nutritious  Of course, I am referring to raw crackers, not supermarket crackers.

They are also useful for detox and colon cleansing. Since flax seeds are difficult to digest raw, it is best to soak them first for 8-12 hours in pure water to release the nutrients. Alternatively, you can grind them or cook them. However, the last option is not indicated since enzymes and other nutrients will be destroyed.

Simple Raw Flax Seed Crackers

The Best Raw Flax Seeds Crackers Recipes A Healthy Snack

This is a fairly simple, yet tasteful recipe. It is so easy to make and the crackers remain fresh for a long time.

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Raw Flax Seed Crackers Recipe

Raw Flax Seeds Crackers

Another simple recipe. Jolinda Hackett, the author, recommends eating them along with guacamole or another raw food dip.

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The Best Raw Flax Seeds Crackers Recipe

These crackers look simply amazing! On the same page there are two very well documented crackers recipes, with step by step pictures.

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