Making Raw Marijuana Juice For Health ?

The health benefits of raw Marijuana juice

Unbelievable  now we we hear raw marijuana juice has health benefits.After years of damnation now juicing raw marijuana leaves is considered healthy.It is said that raw marijuana juice  it is very beneficial and does not make high only heated marijuana (cannabis) makes us high.

Cannabis or Marijuana is a plant with many health-promoting properties – also in the form of naturally squeezed juice.

Experts have discovered it that cannabis has many health benefits, when taken in its natural form, without heating or smoking, and that drinking natural cannabis juice can contribute to the human body systems and work wonders.

Health benefits

Fresh cannabis juice is a great way to harness all the health benefits of marijuana while avoiding the psychoactive effects of THC. The consumption of fresh marijuana does not produce the typical cannabis rush.

It can assist the function of our immune system, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and improve bone metabolism and neural function.It is even said that it is capable of inhibiting cancer cell growth.It is recommended to mix it with another vegetable juice to make it more tasty.

Many states in the U.S. now have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and around a dozen have laws allowing it for medical purposes. So, for the first time, people are juicing the stuff and there has been some really surprising results. All you need to do is get some cannabis and add it to your juicer or blender.

Benefit One: Prevention

The most powerful benefit of juicing raw cannabis is preventative medicine. Some doctors have even gone so far to call it the most powerful vegetable on earth, because it gives a major boost to your immune system, improves brain function, is an anti-inflammatory and helps with bone health as well.

Of course, cannabis is often prescribed to patients that have cancer and the reason behind it is the way that cannabis stops cancer cell growth. There are many more health-related benefits as well.

When you smoke marijuana, you only get about 1% of the good health that cannabis provides and juicing it gives you that other 99% because you are able to tolerate much larger doses.

Benefit Two: The Antioxidant Properties of Cannabis

Cannabis also has antioxidant properties, which means that it prevents the oxidation of molecules in the body. Antioxidants are extremely powerful and we usually get them in fruits and veggies.

The oxidation of molecules and cells is one of the things that can cause cancer and other health problems. What the antioxidants do is fight the free radicals which can cause health problems.

Benefit Three: Boosting Your Metabolism

Cannabis has also been shown to boost metabolism when it is given in the high doses that are necessary for the antioxidants and other benefits.

When the plant is heated (when you smoke it) your maximum daily dose is 10 milligrams. If you don’t heat it up you can get up to 600 milligrams. So by adding it to your diet, you can get the amount that will give you a metabolism boost and that can help with weight loss and other health issues.

Benefit Four: Improving Communication with Nerve Cells

Juicing cannabis also has the benefit of restoring two-way communication in nerve cells. When communication only goes one way, it results in inflammation.

When you ingest the cannabinoids that are in marijuana, you see a reduction of inflammation, but even more than that, you are able to prevent the problem in the first place by making sure that communication lines stay open. That’s precisely what these cannabinoids do.


Raw Cannabis Juice is the Next Super Food

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