A Kids Eczema Was Healed With A Raw Food Diet

Little girl had eczema until she was seven and raw food healed it.

She was healed with a raw food Diet. This days many babies are born with eczema and allergies. It is terrible to see how much they suffer. Often nothing seems to help. A struggle for the parents as well . Babies need milk and the formulas are not the right milk for this babies. The only milk most can drink is goat milk ,which is often not easy to find .

Often the parents have a long journey until they  find a solution. Many test will be done and  often the problem comes back after a few days or weeks. The immune system is weak and this kids are often sick. This little girl and her mother must be very happy to finally discover that raw food is the solution.

A Kids Eczema Was Healed With Raw Food

(NaturalNews) When she was just a baby, Ulla Kaczmarek’s daughter Maya had eczema flare-ups that covered her body from head to toe.(1) The patchy spots were undone by pediatrician-recommended steroids and the advice to replace cow’s milk with goat’s milk. Everyone was elated when her scaly skin started to disappear… until she began catching colds frequently and the eczema returned.

Through the years, it was apparent that steroids were harming rather then healing Maya. A slew of other approaches were employed by the family to help improve her skin, from trying a sugar- and gluten-free diet to stopping the use of the steroids. Still, the skin condition would always make its way back, often with a vengeance, just as it did when she was seven years old. Kaczmarek explains that after more tests, it was determined that Maya also had candida and parasites. All of the tests, medications and drastically different diets began to take a toll on Maya; “we almost killed our daughter with all the new diets we tried out of desperation,” her mom explains.(1)

These days, however, Maya is free of the bothersome conditions, with only a few small dry spots on her skin. Furthermore, she’s bursting with energy, a far cry from the frustrated and nutritionally deprived child of days past.

How was Maya’s eczema healed? Continue reading here >Had eczema for first 7 years of her life, now healed by raw food diet

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