Want To Go Raw Vegan? Here Are Easy Recipes To Start!

 Go Raw Vegan with this easy Recipes + Videos

Raw vegan recipes to get you started on a healthy lifestyle are here below. All with video to make it easy and fun.

The recipes are from Laura Miller, she published a cookbook for people who love to eat and would like to begin the vegan lifestyle. She has vegan recipes in her book, most of them are raw for people who like to eat delicious healthy and natural.

She also has a YouTube Channel where she shows how to prepare the food. It can be fun as you see below and it is not difficult to start with a healthy lifestyle with these raw vegan recipes.

Get  Laura Millers cookbook Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. and get started. She has more than 100 recipes created for you, lots of recipes to choose from. Here about the book:Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. will engage your taste buds with  strengthening breakfasts, easy weeknight dinners, crowd-pleasing party food, irresistible drinks & desserts, and many more nutritious, satisfying dishes that are as beautiful and fun to make as they are healthful.” read more about here > http://amzn.to/29qJkAK

Enjoy the raw vegan recipes and videos!

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Want To Go Raw Vegan? Here Easy Recipes To Start!

 Rainbow Noodle Salad

Full recipe her

Today we’re making a ring mode noodle salad which is a kaleidoscope of color case really good and it’s just really good for you because as a rule of thumb when you have a lot of colors on your plate probably good for your digestion your immunity robot.

Cinnamon Rolls

Full recipe here


Full recipe here

Peppermint Paddies

Full recipe here
We’re gonna make a robbing and peppermint patty which is essentially the grown-up version of the peppermint patty  we’re just gonna make the base and then a chocolate coating and we are done.

  Pop Tarts

Full recipe here

These guys are nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, raw, and also super cute.

Groceries for a busy week & 2 of my go-to meals

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