Cold Raw Food May Be Dangerous For Health?

Cold Raw food – the temperature of our food important ?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the temperature of our food is necessary to make it more beneficial to our health. In TCM is believed that cool or cold food takes a lot of  energy away from our spleen and can cause a deficiency  of  Qi.

It is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine that warming or cooking food removes the cell wall of the plants and the nutritions are easier available to our body. It also depends also on our constitution . TCM believes a raw and too much cooling diet causes damage to our health . Is the temperature of our food really important to our health ?

Read below and see if you have symptoms of spleen Qi deficiency or excess dampness ? Is cold raw food dangerous?

Cold Raw Food May Be Dangerous For Health?

Cold Raw Foods May Be Dangerous For Health!

It may go against what we’ve been programmed to think from an early age – the idea that eating salads will aid in weight loss, and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – but according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a system of medicine that has been around for 2000 to 3000 years, raw foods may actually be hindering, rather than helping, your wellness goals.

In both Aryuvedic medicine and TCM, the temperature of the food you eat plays a very important factor in determining how beneficial it is. Raw foods, eggs, tofu, whole wheat, and green teas have a “cooling” effect on the body regardless of whether the food or beverage is hot or cold when consumed.

Foods like dates, chicken, squash, cinnamon, and ginger have a “warming” effect on the body.

Imagine a pot of soup on the stove. In this case, your stomach is the pot. In order for the soup to be cooked well, the temperature needs to be high enough. In TCM, it is believed that the spleen is the fire underneath the pot. If you put cold ingredients into the pot, you would need to turn up the fire in order to properly cook the soup. This causes excess heat and “yang” to be depleted from the body.

If you are of a hot constitution, “cooling foods” may be beneficial for you in moderation. Regardless of constitution, a diet that is 100% raw and cooling can be very damaging on the body according to TCM. Consuming too much raw food takes tremendous amount of energy away from the spleen and can eventually lead to something called spleen qi deficiency (lack of vital force energy in spleen) and excess “dampness” (when the heat under the pot is insufficient and the soup in the pot is not fully cooked).

Some symptoms of spleen Qi deficiency are:
Heavy feeling in head, Brain Fog, Lack of appetite, Craving sweet foods, Nausea, Sweating without exertion, Difficulty waking in the morning, Diabetes, Digestive issues, Tiredness or weakness

Some symptoms of excess “dampness” in the body are:
Digestive issues, Tiredness or weakness, Inflammation, Asthma, Weight gain, Water retention, High blood sugar, Urinary tract infections, Eczema, Bloating, Lack of appetite, Fatique<

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Adding more lightly cooked vegetables and “warming” foods and spices to your diet can assist you if you’re experiencing spleen Qi deficiency or internal dampness. Many people argue that raw foods are better because the heat from cooking destroys nutrients in our food, but this isn’t always the case.Continue reading here >Are Raw Foods Damaging Your Health?Also read The Best Probiotic Rich Food To Keep Your Gut Healthy