This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert

Awesome plant-based raw recipes

Plant-base raw recipe you have to try . Even if you are  not fully raw ,these plant-based raw recipes may convince you to eat more raw food. Many people have health issues like allergy diabetes or need to lose weight. Raw food is ideal to help to reverse this issues. Raw food has all the nutrient we need .

Though cooking vitamins and other beneficial ingredients are decreased. Most vegetables and fruits taste much better if eaten raw. Grains can be sprouted which makes them even more powerful. These plant-based raw recipes below are a must try . They may change your mind .


This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert

Raw food diets are becoming increasingly popular, but to those of us on the outside, this approach to eating can seem a little odd. In my world, odd = fun = interesting = MUST TRY ?

The exact method eating “raw” varies from person to person, but in general, raw foodies focus largely on consuming unprocessed and uncooked foods. In some cases, food might be cooked but only to very low temperatures. This is usually done because it’s more “healthy”, although the exact definition of health in this case is debated heavily

Raw Vegan Mac and Cheese

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Ashley // Naturally Ashley
Ashley // Naturally Ashley

If you’re following a raw diet, macaroni and cheese is one of many foods that you can’t have any more. But, cooks (and bloggers) do tend to get very creative – so you can approximate dishes like macaroni and cheese. This recipe, from, is also vegan, but don’t be put off. The end result might not be macaroni and cheese, but the recipe still replicates the flavor and the texture of that dish pretty well.

Raw Vegan Mango Ice Cream

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Jasmine // Sweet Simple Vegan
Jasmine // Sweet Simple Vegan

This recipe, from, is quite fun, because there are actually three separate recipes to look at. One of these is for the pineapple flowers you see on top, another is for a crumble and the final one is for the mango ice cream itself. All of the recipes are vegan and raw, so you could choose to use all of them, or pick and choose the ones you want.

Chocolate Macaroons (raw)

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Laureen // This Fox Kitchen
Laureen // This Fox Kitchen

The process of making desserts and sweet treats can often be complicated and a bit frustrating. In general, raw recipes tend to be simpler, which makes them much easier to put together in a hurry. I found this recipe over, and the recipe takes just 5 minutes from start to finish. Can’t go wrong with that.

Raw Vegan Lasagna

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Molly // Clean Food Dirty Girl
Molly // Clean Food Dirty Girl

Lasagna is traditionally a hot and meaty dish, but it doesn’t actually have to be. This recipe comes and it’s a great example of how you can take a normal recipe and tweak it to produce something that is healthy. I love the different layers in this recipe and it looks so appealing on a plate.

Dairy Free Potato Salad

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert=Barbara // Rocking Red Chef
Barbara // Rocking Red Chef

Raw potato salads are a rarity, because you can’t actually eat potatoes raw without making yourself sick. This recipe, from, gets around that issue by using sweet potatoes. I love the way that the salad has a creamy sauce, even though it doesn’t use any dairy products.

Chocolate Truffles

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Claire // The Kitchy Kitchen
Claire // The Kitchy Kitchen

Chocolate is a wonderful flavor. It tends to tempt people regardless of how healthy they are trying to be. This recipe is great because the truffles use much healthier ingredients than normal truffles, and they even manage to be vegan. But, as Claire points out at, they are still treats and average around 85 calories a piece.

Carrot, Coconut and Ginger Soup

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Amanda // The Raw Food Kitchen
Amanda and Sondra // The Raw Food Kitchen

My first thought with this soup from is that it has brilliant. It actually looks a little bit like pumpkin soup, even though it isn’t. Like many other raw soup recipes, this soup isn’t cooked. But, it is slightly warmed. After all, eating cold soup is hardly an attractive idea.

Zucchini Caponata

This Awesome Plant-Based Raw Recipes Make You A Convert-Raw Zucchini Caponata
Irena // Eat Drink Paleo

This particular dish is a variation of the traditional Sicilian caponata, but the recipe has created a raw  version that works well as a salad or a side dish. Irena also notes a few possible variations on the recipe that might be good options for people who don’t eat raw or who like a little meat with their food.

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