Absolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

 You will love these raw fruit treats

Raw fruit treats are irresistible for most of us. And you can enjoy them without regret because they are healthy and nutritious. Here we have fruity desserts with cherries. This is a delight to all munchies and fans of sweet desserts. These recipes taste after summer and are prepared in very different ways, as cream or ice-cooled as coconut cream with cherries. See this irresistible black cherry pie or the cherry coconut tart.  If you’ve got an appetite for a dessert with cherries enjoy these recipes. You can replace cherries with other fruits of your choice.  Check these raw fruit treats with cherries and let yourself be inspired!

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Absolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

Cherry Cashew Cheesecake?Absolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

This Cherry Cashew Cheesecake is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! It is so simple to make, easy to follow, and make without added sugars — just natural sweetness from fruit. It has a layer of creamy cherry cheesecake, a luxurious strawberry cream, and a hidden chocolate banana layer in the middle.

Raw Chocolate and Cherry Mousse TartAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

This decadent tart is comprised of a silky-smooth chocolate mouse that is flecked with ripe cherries and sandwiched between a chocolate walnut crust that is mind-blowingly good. This Raw Chocolate and Cherry Mousse Tart is the perfect dessert to break out for a special occasion and store wonderfully in the refrigerator.

Raw Cherry DumplingsAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

These cherry dumplings are impressive to look at, fun to make, and they taste fantastic! The cherry filling is a simple blend of cherries and dates that is wrapped in a silky-smoothy purple yam and date outside. These Raw Cherry Dumplings treats are perfect as a gift, after coffee, or to finish a decadent meal.

Raw Cherry Coconut TartAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

With a simple food processor, six ingredients, and a few moulds, you can whip up these beautiful raw healthy tarts in just five minutes. The crust is a chocolaty and nutty combination of dates, almonds, cacao, and mulberries, which are then topped with some sweet coconut yogurt and cherries! These little Raw Cherry Coconut Tarts are perfect for bringing to a get together and much healthier than just picking up a cake at the store.

No-Bake Cherry Bakewell CheesecakeAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

This flavorful cheesecake is refreshing, juicy, and decadent thanks to the incorporation of fresh cherries and almonds which also gives the dessert a classic bakewell flavor. The cheesecake has a deliciously crumbly oat and almond base with a layer of juicy cherry jam, a cashew nut cheesecake almond filling, and homemade white chocolate, cherries, and more almonds to top it off. This No-Bake Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake is utterly mouth-watering and a must make!

Raw Cherry Cupcakes With Avocado FrostingAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

These Raw Cherry Cupcakes With Avocado Frosting celebrate the classic and delicious combination of chocolate and cherries. They start off with a crunchy coconut-almond crust, are filled with a delectable cacao-cherry filling made creamy thanks to avocados, and are topped with a fresh cherry that is just asking to be plucked off and eaten first! Absolutely irresistible

No-Bake Black Cherry PieAbsolutely Irresistible Raw Fruit Treats With Cherry

What’s not to love about this pie? It’s effortless, affordable, involves a handful of ingredients, requires no baking, and is perfect for summer entertaining! If you love a classic effortless vegan dessert that will make you look like a true iron chef, you have to try this No-Bake Black Cherry Pie.

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